• Preparation Of an Interview for Google :-

    The Google Co,
    They given us some very and useful basic tips for an Interview... So Thanks to them.

    Preparing for Google Interview:-

    Google's interview process will vary by position but you can generally expect to have first-round interviews over the phone or on-campus and second-round interviews on-site at Google.

    Interview Process

    First-round interviews will either take place on your college campus or via phone. Both phone and in-person interviews are 30-45 minutes long and qualitative and open-ended in nature. The goal of the interview is to gain a better understanding of your problem-solving abilities, communication style, leadership skills and passion for Google.

    Second-round interviews will generally take place on-site at Google. Second rounds usually take the full day and consist of two to four back-to-back interviews with our Googlers. If you happen to be in our office for interviews during meal times, the recruiter will accompany you to our cafeteria for a meal.

    Who will you meet?

    There are usually two contacts that will handle your candidacy throughout the interview process:

    On-Campus interviews (University Programs): A member of the University Programs Team will meet you for your first-round interviews on-campus. They are not interviewing you, but setting up and facilitating your on–campus interview experience. They will also communicate with you about your status after the first-round interview.

    Phone or On-Site interviews (Google Recruiter): If you applied for a position that is not holding on-campus interviews, you will have your first-round interviews via the phone. Your recruiter will set this up for you. For everyone (on–campus and phone interviewed candidates) that passes through to second-round interviews, a recruiter will become your main point of contact and handle your candidacy through to your final status.

    Who will you interview with?: Both first and second-round interviews will be conducted by Googlers from the department that you applied to. For example, if you are interviewing for Finance, you will be interviewed by a member of the Finance department.

    Interview Content and Preparation:

    Your Background: Your interviewer may ask you a little bit about your work and academic background. Please prepare yourself for these questions beforehand.

    Problem Solving: We're interested in learning more about how you solve problems. These questions will require you to walk us through a complicated scenario and discuss how you concluded your answer. Don't worry about being right or wrong--just answer to the best of your ability.

    How to answer: Please be yourself. Here at Google, we believe in bringing your whole self to work and making the best possible match for you and for Google. We encourage you to be candid and active in your interview and to answer your questions clearly and concisely. If you need to take a moment and think through your answers, please do. It will help you and your interviewer understand your thoughts more clearly.

    What to wear: At Google, you can be serious without a suit. While we have no formal dress code, you should look presentable during the day of your interview. Business casual is fine.

    What to bring: Please bring an extra copy of your resume/CV and your provisional undergraduate/ graduate transcripts.

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